Charity Auctions

The Athlete Ink specializes in charity auctions. Over the years, we have helped raise money for numerous charitable organizations across the country.

The Athlete Ink has over 16 years of experience with charity auctions. Whether it is a one day golf fundraiser like the Feltz Wealth Plan Charity Tournament or a black tie event like Jim Kelly’s Hunter’s Hope, The Athlete Ink can work with any organization to help raise needed funds.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, The Athlete Ink can cater to each organization’s needs and hand pick all items to maximize the money to be raised.

There is absolutely NO RISK so let us help you raise money for your charity!

Guidelines for Charity Auctions

  1. The Athlete Ink supplies items with no obligation to charities or any parties involved. Each item that sells will make money for the charity. If an item does not sell, The Athlete Ink takes this item back with no cost to any parties involved.
  2. All items will be consigned to you at wholesale prices. Your organization will receive 100% of the proceeds, above the consigned amount.
  3. Opening bids will be set at 20% above the consigned amount so you are guaranteed funds.
  4. Bids under the minimum will not be accepted unless discussed among parties involved (The Athlete Ink/charity representatives).
  5. The Athlete Ink 100% guarantees all autographed items for the life of that item (money back or trade). A letter of authenticity will be included for all autographed items.
  6. The Athlete Ink will try to supply items that fit each event, in terms of number of attendees, what city the event is in, who/what is popular at that time, etc.
  7. The Athlete Ink has no problem with charities including their own items for auction. This could be discussed so as not to duplicate items. We supply our own bid sheets and will inlude these items. The Athlete Ink would have no problem helping/organizing the set up of these items.
  8. The Athlete Ink accepts all credit cards, checks, and cash.
  9. Typically, The Athlete Ink collects all monies and sends a detailed breakdown of items sold at the event, along with a check for the charity within two weeks. If desired, the charity could collect all monies and write a check to The Athlete Ink.